Guitar Slingers – Gary Moore

Gary Moore – Parisienne Walkways (Live)

3 responses to “Guitar Slingers – Gary Moore”

  1. Great song/performance to post, Jon! I love Moore’s stunning 26-second single note + vibrato beginning at 2:14.

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    1. Hi Sharine. Thanks for responding. Gary was amazing. I wept buckets the day he died. He was supposed to have played at one of Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Festivals but he had to pull out for some reason. Too many are unfamiliar with his work. That would have opened up his music to a wider audience.

      I was fortunate enough to see him play on a couple of occasions – the first time in BBM with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker and the second with his regular band, supporting B.B. King and he was always great, always ‘in the zone.’ His tone was the stuff of legends. You’ve mentioned his vibrato. It was gorgeous. His death at just 58 was tragic. He had so much more music left in him. His next album was reputed to have been Celtic flavoured. I would have loved to have heard that.

      If you have not done so, please check out his version of the Roy Buchanan track The Messiah Will Come Again live at Montreux 1990. It’s on YouTube and it’s incredible. Of interest as well, Gary was left-handed but learned to play the instrument in the regular right-handed way.

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      1. I, too, have been greatly inspired by GM’s guitar tone and songs. Lucky you to have seen him live many times! When time permits, I will view the YT video you recommend!

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