Look to science to learn the truth about the most important thing we do: EAT

Sharine Wonders

Food: it’s a touchy issue for humans. Our bodies require nutrition, and food is where we get it. We know specifically what nutrients we need and how much of them because of science, and yet most people eschew that science and eat what tastes “good.” I put “good” in quotes because our palates have learned to enjoy richtasting food: we call it “good.” The problem is that food that tastesrich is often the least rich in nutrients.

Rich tasting foods are animal flesh, animal milk and cheese, white flour, whole eggs, pressed oils, fried food, and any salted and/or highly processed foods such as you would find in the refrigerated or frozen section of your grocery store. These kinds of foods taste so good that we end up consuming excess calories, and then our (potentially) overweight bodies lack proper nutrition. Science tells us that without proper nutrition, nutrient-deficient bodies…

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My name is Jonathan and I’m “Just Another Hack.” Success is by and large defined by how many units within one’s area of expertise one shifts and how much status and wealth one accrues because of that. In that sense I am just another hack. I however enjoy writing and must do it, regardless of whether I find an audience or not. For me, writing is a calling. Welcome to my world.

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