Is it Creative or Destructive?

I had a download today. I have been surrounded by Spirit and a communication channel has been opened.

For many years, I have been caught in the Fear Vs. Love spiral, no other word for it than that. A whirling tormenting maelstrom actually. A totally unsatisfying train of thought, which I bought into because it was popular.

To find God I always felt I had to ask the question “Is this (whatever it is) coming from a place of Fear or Love?” and then I went with whatever I felt was the Love option. Of course, that’s entirely subjective.

Many people follow a hateful ‘god’ and call that love. Some people (born of a wish not to offend) will let others do things which are harmful to them because ‘love’ is spoken within the context of what they are doing.

It’s simpler. Much simpler.

Is it Creative or is it Destructive?

Is the thing I am thinking of doing going to lend itself to Creation (God) or is it going to take me down the path of Destruction (Not God)?

God is a creative force.

‘Not God/Satan/Fallen Nature/Selfishness/Arrogance’ (however you want to term it) is a destructive force.

Therefore, from now on when I undertake anything I am going to ask myself “Will this lead to Creation or Destruction?” I will take the path toward Creation and that will be my Sole (Soul) Guide.

2 thoughts on “Is it Creative or Destructive?

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  1. Brilliant, Jonathan! I use the phrase, “Is it life-affirming or death-culty?” Same principle, different words: Life is creativity/creating/creationary: Alive, living. Death is destabilization, dehumanization, demoralization, debt, destruction, decrepitude: Entropic, a frozen state of nothingness.

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    1. “Is it life-affirming or death-culty?”

      Yes, that says it all as well. I love your use of the word ‘entropy.’ That (entropy) is to be avoided at all costs.


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