Today’s Album | Logical Elements – Unexplored Elements

There was me thinking I could quit listening to music altogether. It’s all about a feeling for me and most music nowadays, even stuff I have loved up until now simply brings a sort of heaviness with it and depresses me whereas Ambient, Psybient and Chillout music has an expansive, open, epic feel to it which does the opposite. I find it both meditative and relaxing.

3 responses to “Today’s Album | Logical Elements – Unexplored Elements”

  1. Thanks for sharing this album, Jonathan! I like this kind of music, too. It’s nice in the background while writing or even reading, and can make driving in weird traffic more relaxing.

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    1. You’re very welcome, Sharine. Stellardrone is good too. Also, connect.ohm and Ascendant, Outlets Of The Sky by them, being one of my favourite tracks ever.


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