I Haven’t Felt Like Writing

All around me, I see dead people.

Lifeless, hollow people who can no longer think for themselves. All they can do is ape mainstream media narratives. Many falling ill with the ailment they had hoped to protect themselves against.

I was on a train earlier in the week. I was surrounded by fleshed out cadavers. No one spoke. No one made eye contact. It is the UK after all. The legendary British reserve was on display.

How many of these people, under the guise of ensuring no one else’s personal space was invaded by a stray look (thus keeping their eyes fixed either straight ahead or down towards the floor) had an opinion of their own, I found myself wondering?

All but a handful were staring into mobile phone screens. Their eyes glazed and lifeless.

The final destination for the journey on that day, was Hammersmith.

Only 2 men who worked together were smiling and chatting as the passengers spilled out onto the platform. Everyone else was shuffling along, eyes fixed on where they were going. No chatter. No humour. Drones.

Zombies marching to the beat of the elite 1%’s drum. What a silent abysmal racket it is.

One thought on “I Haven’t Felt Like Writing

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  1. Jonathan, what an abysmal situation, indeed.

    I have seen similar scenarios here in California. There is a small percentage of folks who appear fully alive, but most seem quite dim in the eyes if not dead. The phones definitely have to do with the mind-control, but of course it’s the jab nano-tech that connects the person with the specific frequencies and “information” coming from the phones.


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