Being Rebirthed in the Spirit

Lately, I feel as if I have been undergoing a spiritual REBIRTHING – Thank you Sharine, this is EXACTLY what it is. I am just now in what I can only term a Dark Night of the Soul. I feel wretched currently. Under attack. My body feels old. My heart feels heavy.

I feel in some ways I am being made as a small child again because much of what I thought and believed in has been shedding, leaving me feeling I am back in some kind of basic, default setting before the programming started within me.

I am reminded of the Bible verse Matthew 18.3 …“Assuredly, I say to you, unless you … become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.”

I feel like I have been relieved of everything but the knowledge I am alive. Sentient. Breathing.

It’s no longer a case of trying to fit into the template set out by human(un)kind but rather of seeking a better, more authentic way to live and I have found that by not trying to do anything at all, I am finding what I need.

All around me today, I watched the amassed throngs in their prestige vehicles, clogging up the roads on their way to the cathedral malls to spend the ‘money’ they don’t even have. It’s all ILL-USION. A full to bursting credit bubble. Malls are the sanctioned places of worship, Mall Workers the temple high priests, Money the Un-holy Spirit. Consumerism the World’s religion. Debt the Supreme Governing Force.

Those of us on The Narrow Path are being shown a Way out of the struggle. It’s lonely and vexatious to the Spirit however I believe we will evolve beyond all we have been taught if we have the inclination to just Listen to Source/God/All That Is.

I believe I am being shown what it is to view the world through new eyes again so I can relearn what this world is really about and it’s not about Matter (which really doesn’t matter) and all about Spirit, which is the vehicle and the means to get back HOME.

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  1. Jonathan, I think that you’re doing great. Recognizing this as a Dark Night of the Soul is crucial to the next phase: Corrections if possible, and forgiveness if amends cannot be made. Your chosen quote from the book of Matthew is perfect: Children are both teachable and forgiving, for their hearts and minds are pure. We are in a purification process!

    I have some notes from a talk given by Aurora (Flying Rainbow Lasagne). I’ll explain in the email message! Anyway, they are helpful and reassuring.

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