Bjørn Eidsvåg – Kyrie 

This is lovely. Beautiful arrangement.

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  1. Jonathan, thank you for sharing another video from Bjørn Eidsvåg. It seems that — perhaps due to contractual constraints enforced by his music label — some of Bjørn’s music and videos cannot be viewed in certain countries, including the USA. I guess the Kyrie is too spiritual and might open some hearts so the “Label Execs” had to shut that down right quick. Haha! Sorry to be so wry, it’s just that I have to laugh once again at the ridiculousness of the never-ending parade of career clowns and how they wheedle the most sensitive of us (writers, musicians, painters, sculptors, etc.) into signing contracts so we can share our creations with a broader audience, only to be shackled like slaves. Thank God I never signed any of those HellyWeird CON-tracts. But I signed enough other ones in order to go to college, get a job, create a bank account, get married, and so on. Aaand here goes a round of purification for MOI.

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