Hate Disguised As Love

Today I respectfully set out the reasons on an online forum why I could no longer align myself with the Christian tradition and by extension, all Abrahamic faiths. This was as a response to someone who was stating that the Bible god represented Truth and Love.

The replies came.

I found myself rudely insulted with a vulgar term used to mean the anus. My words were twisted. Their tone was uniformly aggressive and unfriendly. I was spoken down to in a superior, sneering tone. My intelligence levels were questioned. These people professed to be Bible-believing Christians and yet felt this was the best way to show me God’s redeeming love for all.

I have witnessed this countless times happening to others, both online and in the real-world. Shunning, ostracism, alienation, condemnation, name-calling, guilt-tripping, shaming, harassing. The ‘hatred disguised as love’ narrative coming from religious folk has never ceased to surprise me. Then there are those I knew who went on to become Christians and the change in them has been marked and never for the better.

I am reminded of the passage in Mark, Chapter 7 – “You will know them by their fruits.”

Yes, indeed we will. Rotten to the core.

One thought on “Hate Disguised As Love

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  1. Jonathan, great post. Sometimes, we must venture one again into the bubble of such realms as organized religion in order to discover on a whole new level the abject INVERSION of the believers’ beliefs AND their words and actions. So, be gentle with yourself for diving back in with the hope that you might have discovered true peace and harmony, only to real-eyes again that all organized religions, including the New (c)Age, have been corrupted by the S&Ls solely for THEIR purpose: That is, to keep their agenda present in the minds of unsuspecting, uncritical people. Whenever we experience as you say ‘hatred disguised as love’ we are seeing someone with the INVERSION MIND-VIRUS. I am sad that you got blindsided, for I know the feeling well. Stay strong and courageous, friend.


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