The Real Evil

I very recently began attending church again and a darkness has descended upon me once more – a terrible depression, very unsettling dreams and thoughts. Wishing to no longer be here in the physical.

Every time I have been involved within Christianity, this has occurred. Christians will argue that’s because Satan is now tempting me because I am walking with the Lord.

I no longer believe that.

The OT God is responsible for around 2.8 million deaths and Jesus is supposedly this god made flesh. Satan on the other hand is responsible for just 10 (7 sons and 3 daughters of Job) and God was involved in that, so I would give God an extra 5 and dock 5 from the Devil 

I believe the Christian god to be pure evil and I’m done with it. Satan, we are told, disguises himself as an Angel of Light. What better way to dupe people than have them believe that a homicidal maniac and by extension his own son (who came to not bring peace but a sword) is Love and Hope in the world?

Jesus is referred to as the light bringer, as is Lucifer. If Jesus is actually Lucifer then at least there is some hope because Lucifer rebelled against the Biblical god and fell to Earth. Who wouldn’t want to rebel against a monster? I know I would. I would happily forfeit Heaven if that evil being resided there. That for me would be Hell. The Bible is just a collection of books which are copies of copies of copies anyway.  Before that was an oral tradition which spanned the decades after the alleged life and works of Jesus. Chinese whispers anyone?

To get around the horrors contained within the Biblical verses and passages, we are told not to view them literally but as part of a wider discourse. A greater meaning. A deeper truth. That the Bible contains codes and even those who don’t profess a Christian faith, seek to give meaning to Bible stories which are at best unintelligible and at worst, pure evil disguised as good. No, thank you.

I have also jumped on the anti-Freemasonry bandwagon. “This person is a Freemason, look at their hand gestures.” “That person is a Freemason, look at the symbolism in their work.” We all have agendas. None of us are exempt in that regard. It could be argued that no one does anything for purely altruistic purposes. I am sure that many people are in some sort of club. Maybe all of the people who are in the public eye.

What it comes down to though, is who do I have more faith in? An invisible god who responds to prayer/grants wishes and always in line with random chance and/or coincidence or people who have at the very least, offered up a different point of view and given those of us who currently feel alienated by much of what is happening, a voice? I’m going to go with the latter every single time.

At the end of the day, if we wait for the god squad we will be waiting a very long time indeed. We need people now who are willing to stand up to the Big Pharma Goliaths and I would rather take a flawed human being perhaps working to an unseen agenda whom I know to be real than a bloodthirsty, celestial tyrant disguised as a loving, pure being who is unproven, beyond a book and the hearsay accounts of those with a very clear agenda, to exist.

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  1. Jonathan, all of your concerns and questions are the same ones I’ve had since childhood. “The Bible is metaphorical, it’s poetry, it’s confusing because only those who read it and study it constantly come to true understanding.” I call BS! My sensor was right on as a kid, and nobody ever gave me answers that even questioned the biggest creep-out: The “loving merciful God” who also arbitrarily kills, maims, and otherwise tortures his greatest creations. Um, no thanks.

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