It’s Over Now

Last night, our politicians sold us out and passed into Law, vaccine passports for attending large scale public events as well as mandatory jabs for all social care and NHS workers by April 2022. Both of these new laws can be extended in their remit in line with new ‘variant’ threats. It’s over now. The groundwork has been laid. The work is done.

The official Opposition party, Labour gave the Conservatives the numbers needed to push the Bill through while the unofficial opposition came from within the Conservative party itself with just over 100 party members voting against the government’s Bill. We now know that whatever votes the Conservatives need, they will be able to find from Labour so in effect we now have a large coalition government and no real official opposition.

Meanwhile, up and down the country the zombie masses, many of whom have already had the lurgy, are queuing up in their tens of thousands to take yet another jab without questioning anything at all. Christmas, by the way, once again has largely been cancelled because of the restrictions and the hospitality industry has taken another massive hit. Not to mention, as predicted, the vaccinated are being programmed to turn on the unvaccinated.

The meaning of the term ‘vaccination’ has been altered too and it now means 3 jabs whereas before it only meant 2 so anyone who doesn’t want to take any more will be viewed as ‘unvaccinated’ and unable to attend large events where people meet without either being jabbed or undergoing a lateral flow test and being in receipt of a negative result within 48 hours of their visit however if they work for the NHS or in social care, will find themselves very shortly unemployed if they don’t keep getting jabbed.

If someone currently has the correct amount of jabs and down the line, has an adverse reaction to a jab or booster and decides they don’t want any further jabs, they too will be regarded as ‘unvaccinated’ when their current levels of protection wane.

These are genuinely sinister times and we are now on the slippery slope to losing all of our freedoms including by far the most important, the right to say what we do with our own body.

One response to “It’s Over Now”

  1. Jonathan, thank you for the update.

    I’ll start by saying this: “It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings”!

    If we look back through history, we can see that the CON-TROLL-ers have but one playbook, the same one they are following now. They attempted to “legislate” mask-wearing and jabs in the “Spanish” “Flu” of 1918-19, but they failed in the end. Unfortunately, as in today’s case, many people get cowed into believing that governments have ACTUAL authority, when all they have is PERCEIVED authority. No one owns anyone else! The CONS know this, which is why they publicize/mediatize all their black magic ceremonies, calling it “law-making” and other such BS.

    In my research, such laws are also illegitimate because they fly against Natural Law, that is, “Do no harm while protecting oneself, one’s family, and one’s property & possessions at all costs.” Again, the black magicians know this, even if their sycophantic career clowns and feel-good followers are clueless.

    Far be it for me to tell you or anyone else what to do, but I for one am not buying their snake oil. Their power over us is only an illusion, despite their methods of mind-control and threats of coercion, extortion, and violence.

    We have the ability to create our own reality, even while the black magicians throw up their nasty projections📽, but it requires courage, creativity, and HUMOR in the face of their evil. It’s just a career-clown parade, and I will laugh at the ridiculousness of these silly characters who pathetically pretend to wield power over me/us.🤡🤣😈😂🤖😆💖

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