Liars and Scoundrels

I was in the doctor’s surgery this morning as I have regular treatment. I saw something which frankly made me shudder. It’s a small thing however it still made me shudder.

A woman walked in with a gift for one of the doctors. The receptionist told her she would take it. The woman said “I was told she would be here today. I wanted to give it to her myself.” The receptionist said that she was due to be in today but she wasn’t there at the moment. The woman looked disappointed and hesitant to give the gift to the receptionist however she did so and then thanked her before wishing everyone at the surgery a Happy Christmas and New Year. 

The receptionist then walked down the corridor, knocked on a door and voila, there was the doctor who wasn’t there at the moment. That sent a shudder through me. She did this brazenly. I was sitting in the waiting room just 30 or so feet away. This doctor by the way was the one who called me up and acknowledged that her phone calls were stressful to me, that she knew of my medical history (I’d had a near fatal pulmonary embolism which by the way is the first thing you see on the screen with my details when I’m being seen by the staff there) but was still trying to get me jabbed as she didn’t want me to go down on the system as a ‘refusal.’ That’s nice of her.

Anyhow and bearing in mind I am sitting in the waiting room clearly within earshot she said “I just did a naughty thing (followed by a chuckle). I lied and told a patient who brought you a gift that you weren’t here.” (Both women chuckled). She then made mention of the fact it was alcohol and things to eat (more chuckling) before standing there chatting and they were still doing so when I walked past them to the treatment room, a couple of minutes later.

They aren’t even bothered anymore to hide the fact they hold us in the greatest contempt. I discovered today that GP’s get £24 for 2 jabs administered but £0 for just 1, so if someone has the first and doesn’t want the second, the doctors get zero pounds which may be the reason for the insistent ‘chasing up’ phone calls from the surgery to get jabbed. On top of this they get an additional £30 for each booster administered. It would appear there may be a financial component for many to keep this thing going for the foreseeable.

Before all this happened a man was standing at the desk asking if the paperwork had gone through so he could register with the surgery. He was told to present his card (show his papers) to prove he had been fully vaccinated which he did. He was then told it would take a few hours before he was on the system. He even said “I know I can’t register at a new surgery without these” to which the same receptionist nodded.

We have genuine medical apartheid and no one seems to notice or care. 

The man’s name was Simon. In my mind I was saying “Simple Simon met a pie man going to the fair.” The state of this country and by extension the world, really frightens me. The world is full of human jellyfish going along with whatever they are told while mercenary individuals would appear to be taking advantage. As soon as I am financially able to, I am going fully private. At least you know then where you stand. Better than falling under the spell that social care (which is compulsorily paid through our taxes here in the UK) actually has a caring component within it.

2 responses to “Liars and Scoundrels”

  1. “They aren’t even bothered anymore to hide the fact they hold us in the greatest contempt.”

    Jonathan, there it is. The S&Ls are not hiding any more, they are in plain sight and damn proud of themselves. Even the jellyfish are proud . . . of their self-enslavement.

    It is a sad situation, but we can make individual choices that will help to upend this cart of rotten apples which stinks quite badly. The current state of the world, illusory or not, is entirely unsustainable, and truth & love will prevail.

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    1. Hi Sharine.

      I agree. This poor hapless individual was cowed. You could see it in his demeanour. He kept repeating himself. I got the sense he genuinely believed he was doing the right thing. He was however an automaton, just repeating the mantras, the programming. A hollow, shell-like man. He looked frail as well.

      The S&L’s don’t need to hide anymore because no one in any great numbers is awake because the programming has been so insistent and for so long and I’m not just talking about the current medical propaganda. It started in the 1960’s in a concerted way (although the methodology has always been there in one form or another) through popular music, through Playboy, through feminists and their ilk, through sinister guru types, through intelligence funded ‘alternative’ viewpoints etc

      I know truth and love will prevail however these are currently the darkest times I have ever known and more so because the light is there for everyone to see. Most though prefer to shut the windows, close the curtains and sit in front of their chosen enslavement device, to be told what to think by highly dubious individuals who are invested in keeping their captivity going.


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