Simon the Zealot

The world appears to be full of human jellyfish like Simon (whom I mentioned in my previous blog entry) who just swim with the tide of public consensus, unquestioningly.

He did not look a well man.

He was around my age but he looked tired and frail. He also kept repeating himself. I got the sense (although I may very well be wrong) that he just wanted human contact. He could have said what he needed to in a fifth of the time.

I can’t judge Simon because I don’t know him and he may genuinely feel he has done the right thing however no one knows the full health impacts of these shots in the long-term and we may very well discover that the ‘cure’ was far worse than the condition it was brought in to treat.

2 responses to “Simon the Zealot”

    Sim pull psy man
    Meta Pi man
    Going tooth-a fairy

    Black magic simulation creates psychologically infantile man/woman by pulling them into fear
    By way of over-arching/UMBRELLA MK-ULTRA mega-corp FB/Meta
    Continually delivering the savior programming for maximum CON-TROLL

    (Note: Umbrella is a a code word in MK-ULTRA for closing down the program and committing suicide often in mass death)

    Thoughts on this, Jonathan?

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    1. That’s amazing. Yes, that makes perfect sense.

      I was out walking this morning and I asked God to show me a sign. It was pitch black outside and I had to walk more slowly because of that.

      Suddenly above me, the sky opened up a little and a tiny sliver of light made its way through. I looked across at the hills surrounding me and a light came on in one of the houses and another then another.

      There were only 3 houses with lights on yet the distance between them appeared much less. The darkness which had been like a shroud just seconds before, no longer felt so suffocating. The sky above seemed brighter even though it was still almost completely dark except for this tiny area of light.

      It was then I realised that even though the light may be tiny and occupying only a small area of the darkness, it serves to make the darkness seem less foreboding. If there is just one light then darkness cannot win out.


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