So Long As There Is Light, Darkness Cannot Win

I was out walking this morning and I asked God to show me a sign. It was pitch black outside and I had to walk more slowly because of that.

Immediately and right above me, the sky opened a little and a minute sliver of light made its way through. I looked across at the hills surrounding me and a light came on in one of the houses then another and another.

There were only 3 houses with lights on yet the distance between them suddenly appeared much less. The darkness which had been like a shroud just seconds before, no longer felt as suffocating. The sky above seemed brighter even though it was still almost completely dark except for this one tiny area of light.

It was then I realised something vitally important and fundamental to where we find ourselves currently. While there is light, however faint or small it may appear, darkness cannot win.

4 responses to “So Long As There Is Light, Darkness Cannot Win”

    1. Great to see you Grace. Thank you for your comment.

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      1. My pleasure, Jonathan

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  1. Ask and you shall receive! And yes, light/truth/love/freedom always prevails!

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