The Two Tiers Are Here

I needed to get out of the house yesterday.

I went to a church service. I was informed I was to wear a mask or else I couldn’t attend. I did so and although it was a short service of just an hour, at various points I started to experience panic attack symptoms. I used to get these a lot and there they were, back again. I had to lift the mask up from my face every couple of minutes to get gulps of air.

It was a denomination which is flat out against the vaccines/vaccinations. They’ve started getting jabbed. Just one person so far though, to be fair. I felt nauseous when she said she explained her worries to the nurse but “she was very kind to me as I took it.” I asked how she could do that. How she could go against her principles to take the shot and she just shrugged and said “It’s done now.”

I spoke to another person there. She said that it may very well come to her getting it as well but that she will pray to god for no lasting ill-effects from doing so. Such a defeatist look on her face. The atmosphere in the place was horrible. So depressing. Everyone was masked. I couldn’t wait to leave. There were probably only about 15 people there in total including servers and the like. I was informed that most had remained at home because of the mask mandates.

On the way back, I walked along the river.

It should have been a beautiful sight because there was so much bird life along that stretch. There were low-flying geese out across the water. I usually love seeing that except I found the entire scene joyless.

That was because I was in the open air and every single person who walked past me who wasn’t wearing a mask, held their breath and turned their heads away from me as they passed. Those who were wearing a mask, either stopped to let me walk past them or walked out into the road to avoid having to come into close contact with me. Why are they not trusting the science?

I stood there and looked around me. I had loved being there as a child, throwing bread to the swans. The place was heaving with people. I stood a little bit away from the crowds and walked into an open area, where for company I had a number of seagulls walking about in a giant puddle and 2 Egyptian geese pecking at the ground. Beautiful looking birds.

The innocence of my childhood juxtaposed upon this rather daunting scene. I say daunting because I wondered how many of those people would be willing to turn on others if they knew they hadn’t taken the jabs. On the television today, a prominent government minister was making the connection in people’s minds that the unvaccinated were having a “damaging impact” upon everyone else. The two tier society has never felt more evident.

I made the decision there and then that I no longer wanted to be with the majority of people who had gone along with this and who may very turn on many more others down the line at the behest of the public servants we put into power to look after us. I felt alone. I felt voiceless. I felt victimised by the many so the few could exploit human suffering to remain in power and control. I took one last look around me and made my way back. Aside from essentials, I won’t be going out again. I don’t recognise the world in which I used to live. It’s become a hateful, cold and cheerless place.

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  1. Jonathan, I feel your pain and frustration. Almost all churches have become houses of S&L worship, wearing and enforcing the Satanic ritual humiliation/conversion masks.

    The only time I have worn the mask was when Ron and I used the public shuttle at Zion National Park on our road trip last summer. I loosely tied on a bandana, but went immediately into a full-blown panic attack, so I sat next to the open window with my hand inside the fabric, pushing it away from my nose and mouth and breathing in fresh air thanks to the fast airflow through the window. In retrospect, we realize that we could have walked, and even though we would have seen less of the park, we would have not had to comply with the black magic ritual.

    We know it’s a ritual because the “leaders” are saying “no exemptions for anyone.” So, can someone force a Muslim woman to remove her hijab, or to eat pork tenderloin, as a condition of entry to a store/vehicle/church/whatever? No. Things are going to get intense here in the US if these “leaders” keep pushing fake mandates, because there are laws in almost every state as well as federal Civil Rights Law and the Constitution all of which forbid such restrictions. As many are aware, there are about 20% of folks in our country who DO NOT reside in the major metro hells, and these people just want to be left alone to live their lives. If the gov’t starts enforcing a vaxx card or forced vaxxes, these folks are not going to take it lying down. And I’m one of them.

    Your stories about the two ladies at church are indeed quite sad. I find it heartbreaking to see the “defeatist” looks on ANYONE, let alone supposedly God-worshiping folks. And to throw one’s faith in the trash for the convenience of getting the jabs is really pathetic, followed by a prayer to God: “I know I didn’t trust in you, but please don’t let me have any bad effects from the jab.” So which is it: Do you have unshakable faith that God will take care of you, or do you sacrifice your “faith” at the first wince of feeling uncomfortable, alone, or afraid? (I’m not talking about you personally, Jonathan, but about people in general.)

    As far as I’m concerned, if anything is true of formal, organized Abrahamic religions, it is the notion that “God helps those who help themselves.” We must individuate and mature as unique sparks of the Divine, assessing situations from a place of “do no harm” then taking appropriate action in order to protect ourselves — in body, mind, and spirit — and our family and our property/possessions at all costs. This is the basis of the Feminine Principle combined with the Masculine Principle. Mark Passio is brilliant at explaining it.

    Anyway, I think it is important to observe what is going on in the world and then to make choices for oneself that rest on those principles. If people like the freaks along the riverwalk choose to shun you out of fear, they are giving in to the “leaders” and not their hearts. We cannot change them, only serve as role models for true courage/spiritual strength, come what may. I hope this doesn’t sound nihilist: It is meant to be LIFE AFFIRMING: I am ALIVE, and therefore I live my life fully!

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