Maybe Zero Empathy Is The Goal?

This is a very minor thing however it’s something I noticed today and then went on the lookout for it in others I know to be jabbed. 

When I spoke with people before. It could be friends, family, neighbours or people out and about although now everyone eyes everyone else with suspicion. I would say something along the lines of “How are you doing? You alright?” People would reply with something like “Yeah, not so bad chap. You?”

I had to go out to get the last bits and pieces of shopping before the mad rush. I will have to get essentials but the worst is over with. I set out to speak with as many people as I could. “Are you alright?” “Yes” came the response and no follow up. Then I came to my favourite person on the checkouts. She has been marvellous throughout all of this. She gave me a hug one time when she could see I was struggling.

She was her usual friendly self. I asked after her. She said “I’m well thanks darling.” But no “How are you?” in response. She wasn’t unfriendly at all however she usually looks around when serving people and smiles to people, asks after them. Not today. I then said (because she’s had some time off) “It’s great to see you back.” “Thank you” she said. Nothing more.

There has never been a time when she has not asked after me. She always asks after me. She always asks how my mum is. She always asks if I am keeping well. Nothing more than the responses to the questions I asked and her voice was flat. Her eyes were oddly expressionless. It was her but it wasn’t her.

Maybe this is the purpose of the jabs? To take away empathy. To take away the need to reach out to others in a human way. Wearing a mask is dehumanising anyway. It reduces people’s faces down to 2 slits. Many people with autism find themselves face blind and unable to read people’s facial expressions. Maybe the jabs are to create a faceless borg army? Drones who get the work done and function like machines and who have programmed responses to commands but no real underlying personality. 

2 responses to “Maybe Zero Empathy Is The Goal?”

  1. “Drones who get the work done and function like machines and who have programmed responses to commands but no real underlying personality.”

    Indeed, Jonathan, you are spot on. They not only have “no real underlying personality,” but NO SOUL CONNECTION. The soul is where our compassion resides, where our ability exists to re-cognize ourselves and other full-spectrum humans as Sparks of the Divine.

    In addition to being programmed, these jabbed drones are also PROGRAMMABLE; that’s what the nano-tech is for.

    I’ll send you an email later!

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    1. Hi Sharine. Thanks for the comment. I look forward to the email. I am in a pit of doom and gloom at the moment, hence my radio silence.


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