Is It Already Too Late?

I never wanted to post this however I’m going to.

Is it already too late? I mean, is this going to end well for any of us? My health is failing. I am sleeping so much now. So many people are turning against me.

This is global and the same measures are rolling out at the same time everywhere. Nowhere is safe.

Now we have the archbishop (I won’t capitalise his title – cnt!) of Canterbury here in the UK who is saying that Jesus would have taken the Big Pharma Em Ar Enn Ay jabs. It seems as if everyone everywhere in positions of powers have been bought off.

I keep hearing “Hold the line” but really what good is that?

We’re nearly 2 years into this and those around me will just keep on getting jabbed – a 4th jab is now needed against what is in essence a bad cold in terms of symptoms. No one is questioning the narrative at all. If they were drones before, they are super drones now.

I can feel an air of threat now. How long before the verbal aggression from those around me becomes physical? Who can I call? The police? What a joke. They have chosen their side.

It feels very strongly like that thing we are not allowed to discuss which happened 80 or so years ago, only now the people doing the oppressing were the ones who were being led away back then.

Away from here, I have zero quality of life. Being not here is the better option. I go to bed every day hoping I don’t wake up.

Sorry to be on a downer but this is how I feel right now.

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