Had A Bad Week

Had probably the worst week of my life, this week just gone. I’m not going to go into details however every single person I know away from online has let me down and let me down very badly indeed.

I reached out to several local organisations and every single one of those has let me down as well. Hence why I haven’t been online all that much.

My friend Sharine did not let me down. Probably the one genuine friend I have in this world and in fact, she taught me how to connect with The Source and that helped me massively and got me through.

I felt such a purity of connection that it was mind-blowing. I felt as if the Creator was right there in front of me and all I felt was peace, love, light and truth. Thank you Sharine xx

Anyhow, I am still vertical and sentient and plan to be for some time. The horizontal and unaware however felt greatly alluring last week.

2 thoughts on “Had A Bad Week

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  1. Jonathan, I’ve been thinking of you every day. Thank you for this post to let us know you’re still vertical, sentient, and in for the long haul.

    Your experiences last week need no detailing, for it is clear that the masses are hypnotized into the death-cult, a mass descent into sheer madness. We can only maintain our connection with Source and help others when they are ready to receive the love. If you throw a tow-rope to a drowning person and they refuse to grasp it, you still have fulfilled your duty of care, and it is time to return to your own work. This IS a psycho-spiritual war for our souls as living men and living women, but we will prevail . . . for we MUST prevail. Let us find COURAGE in the breath of life and the beating heart.


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