The Day IS Coming

The globalist politicians are shithead puppets of the NWO however it is the mainstream media which has perpetuated the lies over the past couple of years in relation to you-know-what, kept them going and even invented new ones for everyone to worry about.

All the while people lost their businesses, their families and friends because they viewed things differently and in far too many cases, their lives when they couldn’t take the constant bullying and ostracism any longer.

The real evil throughout all of this however has been the willful deception and relentless fear porn propaganda promulgated by mainstream media.

These are the people the gallows should be built one hundred deep for in every country throughout the world.

Truth always outs. That day is coming.

2 responses to “The Day IS Coming”

  1. Great post, Jonathan. Yes, indeed, that day of reckoning IS COMING!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sharine and thank you x

      I will endeavour to send you an email shortly. I don’t know why but I feel so empty at the moment. I’m not listening to music. Not really engaging with anything at all.

      Please don’t think me rude though or disrespectful. In time, you will appreciate the downtime when the messages come through thick and fast again 🙂


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