Robben Ford – Mystic Mile

My favourite Robben Ford track. Sublime.

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  1. Jonathan, that particular album by Robben Ford and the Blue Line is my favorite of Robben’s work!

    In it, I really feel that he peaked in his combination of technical ability in the blues genre as a student of the old-school masters AND as a composer; his PASSION for the blues in general; and his dedication to the Blue Line musicians.

    This album was a pivotal point for Ron and me in our relationship, both personal and professional.

    I feel that this body of work represents a spiritual awakening combined with the READINESS to create one’s future. That they titled it MYSTIC MILE is perfect.


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    1. Hi Sharine.

      I agree completely. There was almost a tenderness to his playing on this album which was not replicated in his future albums. In fact, there is a harshness in much of what came later.

      I studiously bought each album after MM however there came a point where I had to stop because his music developed almost a harsh quality to it over time.

      There are some nice songs on each successive album I bought which have a similar touch and feel however nothing which extends to an entire album and besides, I feel him jettisoning The Blue Line (Tom Brechtlein on drums, Roscoe Beck on bass) was a bad move musically.


      1. Jonathan, that’s a great point about the “harshness” of Robben’s post-MM music. I’m glad I met him when he was still playing from the heart. And yes, him jettisoning The Blue Line was a poor move, at least from our perspective. One can only wonder what happened to move him on a different trajectory.


      2. Sharine, he spoke in an interview about how his favourite drummer in his band is Toss Panos and his favourite bassist, Jimmy Earl.

        To me they contribute much of the hatshness. The Blue Line were a formidable rhythmn section and they played with explosive power however they had a warmth which the others lack.

        Handful of Blues which came after MM is another lovely album and after that it wasn’t until A Day In Nashville that I found something warm again in his playing. His guitar tone has a lot to do with it and his playing, which I have found has become too clinical.


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