Here We Go Again

UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid said on Friday that the government was stocking up on smllpox vaxxine doses to help protect some groups against the virus.

Munkypox affects in largely the same way as Convid, through broken skin, eyes, nose and mouth and now the UK Gov’t is stocking up on smllpox vaxxines to help with it. 

No connection then with the astra jab which contains within it modified DNA from sick monkeys, adrenovirus cells. 

There’s also a connection with ‘men who have sex with men’ and it’s affecting them again. This has echoes with the 1980’s, and the AZT scandal which had Fauci’s fingerprints all over it.

In days we will be signed up to the W.H.O. (NWO) charter so we lose our national sovereignty forever. We in the UK were told we could leave whenever we wanted to when we became inextricably tied to the EU back in the 1970’s.

Now we’re soon going to be tied up to a one world governance, where a non-elected body can override our own laws, which will mean more mask-wearing, more lock-downs, vaxxine mandates and less freedom for all under the guise of protecting us from an unseen threat. 

I have lost count of the amount of people who stated they were wide awake and who fell asleep again as soon as the Ukraine War wagon trundled into town. This will be no different. I think if there had been less apathy to what has been going on in the Ukraine, this next phase (smllpox vaxxines) wouldn’t have been rolled out quite so quickly.

Here we go again.

2 responses to “Here We Go Again”

  1. SharineWonders avatar

    “Here we go again.”

    Indeed, Jonathan. The CONs have but one playbook that they use over and over and over again. It would actually be entirely laughable except that so many mind-controlled “people” unquestionably fall into their spider web of fear and false-white-light, it encourages the CONs to press on.

    Well, as for myself, I thrived through the Covain’t, and I intend to continue living life to the fullest. It will be over THEIR dead bodies — not mine — that those perverted thugs try to harm me and/or my family.

    Feeling the fear is inevitable, but succumbing to it is decidedly not!

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    1. Hi Sharine.

      I totally agree.

      My feeling is that the ‘cure’ for Mpox will end up decimating the gay community all over again. Although many within it are on meds which stop HIV replicating within their bodies, their immune systems are already compromised. This will lead to further stigmatisation/demonisation of these men – a la 1980’s AIDS crisis.

      I believe that every ‘virus’ which appears now will simply be a symptom of the jabs and every cure put forward will finish people off which will be put out on MSM as deadly new variants of ‘Covid’ and we know what the cure is for that – keep taking your jabs.

      It’s obvious not enough children were vaccinated first time round hence why a chickenpox type virus has now appeared and at exactly the same time as countries are being asked to sign up for the WHO Charter.

      Will the majority see this though? I highly doubt it. More money and control for TPTB and less freedom and money for us.


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