Had A Bad Week

Had probably the worst week of my life, this week just gone. I’m not going to go into details however every single person I know away from online has let me down and let me down very badly indeed.

I reached out to several local organisations and every single one of those has let me down as well. Hence why I haven’t been online all that much.

My friend Sharine did not let me down. Probably the one genuine friend I have in this world and in fact, she taught me how to connect with The Source and that helped me massively and got me through.

I felt such a purity of connection that it was mind-blowing. I felt as if the Creator was right there in front of me and all I felt was peace, love, light and truth. Thank you Sharine xx

Anyhow, I am still vertical and sentient and plan to be for some time. The horizontal and unaware however felt greatly alluring last week.

So Many Different Shades Of Green

I don’t know if you have heard of them or not but there are spectacles you can buy which enable people who are colour-blind, to see the world as it really is. They are made by a company called Enchroma.

I have watched many videos on YouTube where a friend or family member gives someone they love these Enchroma glasses and the reactions are beautiful. You can often see them sliding them down and back up again, to see the two worlds they are simultaneously inhabiting – the world as others view it and the world they have lived in up until then.

What struck me though is how many of the people talk about the many different shades of green there are. Not the striking red rose on the balcony beside them or the stunning yellow flowers across from them. No, it’s the different shades of green in the one hedgerow or the trees in their field of vision.

I had never thought about the various shades of green all around me. The next nice day weather-wise, I stood outside and at first all I saw was a big block of green but then as I looked, I noticed the various different shades within that. It blew my mind. Why had I not noticed this before?

Then I heard the birds. Not just one continuous background sound but all the various individual birds within that. Before then, I had simply taken them for granted because they were always there I suppose. I made a cup of tea and came back outside. The world was revealing itself anew to my 40+ year old eyes and ears.

When I have tried to tell others about this, some have openly jeered/mocked me while others have looked at me pityingly. Not one person has taken seriously what I have said, as if it’s of little to no importance and perhaps in the grand scheme of things it maybe doesn’t appear so however I feel that if more of us approached the everyday, and some might say, mundane aspects of life with renewed interest I don’t feel that can ever be a bad thing.

Thank you, Sharine

It’s been a very traumatic time for me recently and I must make mention of my friend, Sharine who as it happens has a great blog Sharine Wonders which is both well written and thought-provoking. Please do take the time to check it out. Thanks.

Thank you for your support. Your understanding. Your good humour. For listening and really hearing what I have been saying. There are no words to adequately express how you have helped me. Needless to say, I am incredible grateful.

Today I have reached some conclusions which make a lot of sense to me with regards where I am within myself and by extension, my own life.

I had been worrying that certain things which have occurred within my life might have been due to repressed/suppressed memories of other events when in all likelihood, are probably caused by things I do remember which were no less traumatic however I feel I can get a handle on them now and begin to work through them.

I was able to reach this point because I felt comfortable enough to open up to you Sharine, about these events. By the way, that means you’re a pretty amazing person.

I would also like to thank those around you. I don’t want to start naming names because I haven’t asked them if I can do so however you know who I mean. Your ‘without whom’ department. You would likely have been awesome anyway however having good, loving people around you certainly doesn’t hurt.

Thank you very much xx

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