No More Delving

I have always been a ‘delver.’ Ever since I discovered books on Paganism as a teen.

I think I went through every possible spiritual phase from the age of 17 through to 24, 25 or so and then it was organised religion. That phase lasted 20 years or so and then I went through a free form spirituality phase.

Within all of that was a 22 year period of looking into what can only be termed ‘conspiracy theories’ and that (as with the other areas mentioned above) has led me to nothing much at all, just a persistent unpleasant feeling within.

Well, no more.

Jainism was an area within my spiritual travels which offered up a good fit however it contained elements which ran contrary to my own direct lived experience plus I am always wary of “One Size Fits All” approaches even if they contain a lot of good within them.

I cannot ever be like those who walk through life blindly, never looking beneath the surface however my days of ‘delving’ are done. I have a highly attuned inner sense – a ‘knowing’ of whether something is authentic or not.

From now on, that will be my sole (soul) guide.

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